Education Planning

it is important to construct a plan early in your childrens lives so you can pay for these expenses when they arise

Education expenses are already substantial and they continue to rise every year. Whether you choose to send your child to private school or help them continue their academic progression through University, it is likely that you will need to financially support your children at some point.


For this reason education planning for our children is one of the most important pieces of financial planning. Ask yourself the following:


  • Do I want to give my children the best education available and the best start in life?
  • How much are education fees and what will they be in the future?
  • Will the Government pay for my children’s education?

The Effect of Inflation


Inflation has a big impact on your education planning needs. Education fee inflation is currently at 7% per annum. This means it is important to start your education planning now.

How Much Does College Cost?

We all know that University fees can be expensive, but where does all the money go? Below is a breakdown of how a student at a University in America would spend their money.

Tuition and Fees

By far the biggest expense any student will face is their tuition fees. In some countries like Germany this can be a very small cost, but in other countries like the USA this amount can average between $26,000 and $46,000 per year.

Room and Board

Everyone has to live somewhere and living expenses will be the next highest cost. Again, this cost is a function of where your children go to University. Many of the world's best Universities are located in some of the world's most expensive cities.

Other Expenses

Books, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses will make up the rest of your child's college budget. In cities like London the cost of using public transportation can make up a significant portion of this part of the budget.

The consultants at PFG can illustrate for you how much you will need to save for your children’s education planning needs. We will then provide the best solution to ensure that when the time does come there are savings available that can be accessed with ease and flexibility.

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