Oberland Strasse Berlin


Studios and 1-4 bedroom apartments in a classic altbau building

Prices from €60,000

Centrally located right next to Templehof Park

Discount prices in a high demand neighbourhood

Beautiful building in excellent condition


The building was constructed in 1900 and contains 33 apartments. The public areas of the property are well-maintained, the façade has been renovated in the last few years, and the infrastructure of property was upgraded between 2004-2006. Individual gas heating units are installed in the apartments.


Apartment sizes range between 37-96 SqM, and cater to the needs of young families and professionals flocking to the area. All apartments are offered below market price. 8 of the apartments face the park and enjoy a balcony or a private garden. A rail track is submerged several meters below ground level north of the property, resulting in minimal noise.


Oberlandstr. 2 is located just across from Tempelhof Park, and near fashionable Schiller Kiez. During the last 4 years, the area has become increasingly popular, drawing new residents from other parts of Berlin. Dozens of coffee shops, restaurants, bars and art galleries have opened in the vicinity of the property in recent years.


Rent rates have climbed substantially and reached levels of upper middle-class neighborhoods such as Charlottenburg. The high demand for apartments in the area translates into a very high level of security for investors. Located near the Oderstrasse Bridge on the south east part of the park, Oberlandstr. is located on the seam between Tempelhof and Neukolln neighborhoods.


Opened in 1927, Tempelhof airport was one of the 3 iconic airports of pre-war Europe, together with La Bourget in Paris and London’s Crydon. It served as the lifeline to West Berlin during the memorable Berlin airlift at the onset of the Cold War. The airport was eventually closed in 2009 and is now a huge urban park where families fly kites and enjoy picnics during the summer. The Berlin municipality plans to invest 60 million EUR by 2017 in the park’s infrastructure and to transform the airport terminal into an exhibition center.


These developments have had a powerful effect on the residential areas surrounding the park, primarily at its northern end. Properties which once suffered from noise and pollution, are now attractively-located properties next to the wide expanses of an enormous park.


The conversion of Tempelhof air port to a park has served as a booster to the urban development of the neighborhoods surrounding it. Nominally part of Tempelhof neighborhood, Oberlandstr. is a direct extension of the increasingly fashionable Schiller Kitz in Neukolln, which has experienced a major urban transformation. This micro location presents a great investment opportunity due to the attractive purchase price, high purchase and rental demand in the area, and Inspiration’s complete management package.


Rising property prices in the heart of the city have contributed to a mass movement of young and affluent residents to this micro location.


In recent years dozens of trendy restaurants, galleries, coffee shops and bars have opened in the immediate vicinity. Vacant apartments are virtually non-existent, buoying rental prices which nowadays near those of historically affluent neighborhood like Charlottenburg.

Rental Demand

High demand for property in the area has translated into new lease prices within a radios of 500 meters from the property reaching 8.2-10.7 EUR/SqM. Since the average rental price in the property is 5.7 EUR/SqM – in future leases investors are likely to expect a rental increase of 60%-100%.



The asking price for vacant apartments in the immediate vicinity has reached in some cases 3,000 EUR/SqM, significantly higher than Inspiration Group offerings. This gap reflects the sizable capital-gain potential of the investment. Rented apartments within a radios of 500 meters from the property are marketed for 1,700-2,700 EUR/SqM.



This property is managed by Inspiration Group and their in-house customer support unit. Unlike most German management companies they offer customer support in English and Chinese, including monthly updates concerning the investment.


Receiving financing from German banks is made possible for international investors through a pre-approval process.


We help all of our clients re-rent their apartments in the event that they become vacant. We also try to maximise the investment potential of every unit by actively searching for new tenants.


Inspiration Group will act on behalf of investors in selling their properties to a 3rd party.


Regular repairs are performed professionally by Inspiration Group’s maintenance team often without cost to the investor.


Inspiration’s expert team will offer support and manage renovations. Renovations are primarily conducted in cases in which the existing tenant has left the apartment.


The scope and level of renovations are decided upon through consultation with Inspiration Group and are performed in order to increase the apartment’s price or rental yield.


An annual tax filing is required by investors by German Law. Filing is performed through an affiliate CPA office and includes income from rent or sale of one or more apartments.
Single Investor – €150 + VAT

Joint Investors – €225 + VAT.

*Prices correct as of January 2015


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