Weser Strasse Berlin


1-3 bedroom apartments and 3 commercial spaces

Prices from €50,000

Beautiful altbau building currently under renovation

Located in the ultra fashionable area of Kreuzkölln

Vacant apartments available for higher yields


The property is a unique, corner design, imperial era building, constructed in the beginning of the 20th century. There are 32 apartments in the building, 5 of which are penthouses. On the ground floor there are 3 commercial units.


The property’s infrastructure was completely upgraded in the early 1990’s, and a modern heating system was installed in 1998 – reducing heating costs, which are translated into higher rental incomes for investors.


The property is currently being renovated by Inspiration with the facades, balconies, stairwells and lobby being refurbished, and the yard’s landscaping renewed.


The property is located in the northern part of Neukölln, adjacent to Kreuzberg, in an area called Kreuzkölln. Over the past five years, the micro-location has emerged as one of the most fashionable areas in Berlin.


Trendy cafés, restaurants, bars, art galleries and organic shops dot the streets of the local Kiez (micro neighborhood). During the weekend the near by Maybachufer canal transforms into a vibrant market, a favorite spot for the areas residents to shop, stroll and meet friends.


Situated in the heart of the Kreuzkölln scene, the area of Weserstraße 32 has been dubbed the ‘new Prenzlauer Berg’, and is often compared to the teeming leisure nexus of Simon Dach Strasse in Friedrichshain. The corner building is situated on the junction of Weserstraße and Weichselstraße, enjoying a lively pedestrian feel.


The micro-area of Weserstraße 32, has become extremely attractive to young residents. The area has been zoned as an urban development area by the municipality – resulting in extensive investments in street infrastructure development, parks and kindergartens, tailored to the needs of the young population moving to the area.


The vibrant cultural scene, which has evolved in the area, is reflected in a strong demand for apartments. As the neighborhood’s transformation unfolds in coming years, the prices of apartments and rents are forecast to rise significantly .


The unique GbR model enables investors to purchase apartments below market price, enhancing the capital gain potential.

Rental Demand

The high popularity of the micro-location particularly with younger demographics, has increased the price of new rental leases in to 10-14 EUR/SqM, with apartments in the top rental segment reaching even higher prices. The current lease prices reflect the potential for significant increase in yields – 50% and above in most units – in future rental contracts. The strong demand for apartments in the area creates a high level of security, ensuring future re-rental and very high potential increase in future yields.



The market price for newly renovated vacant apartments in the near vicinity surpasses 3,700 EUR/SqM. Rented units for sale in similar Altbau properties are marketed in the 2,500-2,800 EUR/ SqM range. Unique Penthouse unites are sold for even higher prices. This gap reflects the substantial capital-gain potential of the investment.



This property is managed by Inspiration Group and their in-house customer support unit. Unlike most German management companies they offer customer support in English and Chinese, including monthly updates concerning the investment.


Receiving financing from German banks is made possible for international investors through a pre-approval process.


We help all of our clients re-rent their apartments in the event that they become vacant. We also try to maximise the investment potential of every unit by actively searching for new tenants.


Inspiration Group will act on behalf of investors in selling their properties to a 3rd party.


Regular repairs are performed professionally by Inspiration Group’s maintenance team often without cost to the investor.


Inspiration’s expert team will offer support and manage renovations. Renovations are primarily conducted in cases in which the existing tenant has left the apartment.


The scope and level of renovations are decided upon through consultation with Inspiration Group and are performed in order to increase the apartment’s price or rental yield.


An annual tax filing is required by investors by German Law. Filing is performed through an affiliate CPA office and includes income from rent or sale of one or more apartments.
Single Investor – €150 + VAT

Joint Investors – €225 + VAT.

*Prices correct as of January 2015


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