Savings Accounts

Great things come from small beginnings and investments are no different

We use savings accounts for lots of different reasons; retirement, our children’s education, purchasing a house, or going on the holiday we always dreamed about. Whatever your goal having that right structure in place is the first step towards achieving it.


At our core PFG are financial planners and for over 10 years we have focused our efforts on helping our clients achieve their financial goals. Our savings accounts provide our clients with the discipline to save on a regular basis, but also the flexibility to adjust with their lifestyle.

What makes great savings accounts?


We never know what life has in store for us and that means our financial plans have to flexible. All of our savings accounts provide our clients with access to their capital whenever they need and have the ability to alter with their ever changing lifestyle.

Investment Choice

Savings accounts are nothing without a good selection of investment assets. Our plans offer clients access to some of the world's best mutual funds and low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The wide choice of investments allows us to achieve superior returns for our clients so that they achieve their goals.

Hassle Free Payments

All of our savings accounts can be automatically funded by major payment services such as Visa and MasterCard.

Great Service

Our experienced team of investment professionals have been dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals for over 10 years. Our service starts when a client opens an account, but it does not stop there. We have a worldwide Client Support Team that provides 24 hour service to all our clients for anything that they might need.

Taking the first step and opening an account is the only way to achieve your financial goals. When you meet with one of our consultants they will help you to review your current situation and then build a plan that suits your lifestyle.


Once your plan is in place our dedicated team of investment professionals will manage your savings account to insure it is growing as efficiently as possible.

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To speak to one of our team about our savings accounts please contact us.


Our dedicated team will help to guide you through every stage of the process and put you on the right path to achieving your goals.

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